About the book: Full publication details

Book Title:  Woman War Doctor: The Life of Mary de Garis
Book Author: Dr Ruth L Lee
First published in 2014
Place of publication: North Melbourne
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd
ISBN: 9781925003420

About the publisher

Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd
7 Little Lothian St
North Melbourne
Victoria, Australia, 3051

Telephone: (61) (3) 9329-6963

Mailing address
P O Box 299, Kew
Victoria, Australia 3101

About the Author: Dr Ruth Lee

Dr Ruth Lee lived in Melbourne until moving to the Bellarine Peninsula in 1989.  Since then she has taught Australian Studies and academic writing at Deakin University.  An avid researcher, she gained her PhD from Deakin in 2011.  Her thesis was on Mary De Garis.

Contact email: historianlee at gmail dot com


One thought on “About”

  1. Dear Dr Lee,
    Firstly can I say how much I enjoyed reading your book about Mary de Garis. She was in inspirational woman.
    I am the co-author of ‘Not for Glory; A century of service by medical women to the Australian Army and its Allies. I am contacting you becuase ‘The Shift Theatre’ based in Melbourne are running a play called ‘Hallowed Ground – Women doctors in War’ during August.
    I would love to touch base with you about the play and an opportunity to share Mary’s story with a wider audience.


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